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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Make this a year of no guilt

We all spend too much time feeling guilty whether it is about spending too much time at work, maybe not enough time at work. Perhaps we continually over eat or over spend. Maybe we smoke and know what it is doing to our health. Maybe we don't give our children enough quality time.
Every time we feel guilty it seems to give us a big hole in our belly that needs filling and then we often fill it with doing more of what created the hole in the first place and so it goes. Let’s try instead to see ourselves sitting on our own shoulders observing ourselves, not in judgment but just purely observational. The next step might be to figure out something that we could do to rectify the original guilt with something that fills our hole instead of enlarging it.
Make this a year of no guilt. Whatever we do, let’s do it with a feeling of it being a learning lesson so that we are now doing less of whatever habit has us in its clutches. Let's do whatever we are capable of doing that instead of making us feel guilty it now makes us feel good. What a concept! We deserve to do what makes us feel that we are worthwhile and good.


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